Tea Towels

Day + Night Wall Hanging

Hand Printed Textiles

Hand Dyed, Painted, and Printed

Block and Screen Prints

Zipper Pouches

Hand Printed Napkins

Moonbeams Wall Hanging

Hand Printed Napkin

Tree of Life Wall Hanging

Screen Printed Hot Pad

Hand Printed Towels

Egyptian Lotus Towel

Hand printed/dyed towels

Painted and embroidered wall hanging

Hand printed pillows

Hand printed/dyed towels

Hand printed pillows

Hand printed/dyed towels

Hand dyed/printed towels

Pillow covers

Hand printed pillowcases

Hand printed tea towels

Block printed pillows

hand dyed and printed napkins

Hand printed tea towels

Hand painted and printed clutches

Southwestern Tea Towel

Hand printed wine bags


Hand printed throw pillows

Triangles Tea Towel

Housewarming Gift Package

Geometric Wall Hanging

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